Sunday, 8 February 2015

Great Bentley Half Marathon 2015

Well that was a tough but successful half marathon. Pete set a target of 1:35-1:40 and I fancied something sub 1:38. In the end my Garmin has me at 1:35:19.

Conditions were pretty perfect, more wind than forecast and it is quite an exposed course but very flat, with a few bridges and inclines in the second half but nothing much. Roads open to the public so always wary of cars but generally just a very quiet and laid back half marathon down quiet country lanes. My favourite type of course for running well.

I set off feeling strong and the pace was looking way too hot, 1:35 is 4:30's and 1:40 is 4:45's. Tried to ease off after 5km and thought if I could just keep chucking out sub 4:30's I was looking at 1:32-1:33 managed that through to halfway but then had my first split slower than 4:30 through km 12.

Body then seemed to settle into 4:40-4:50 pace and I then gave myself sub 5min km through to the finish to give myself a time I could be happy with. Where I had started strong and not worrying about the watch, now I was checking the watch 3 times a km and just digging in.

Last 5km were a real effort and people were now drifting past me, a few little uphills weren't too welcome either but having run this race twice I could picture the final km and that keep me trucking on.

Probably need to work on my core strength as I felt myself losing form as the fatigue began to bite. Managed to hold the pace together and found some strength on the grass finish to take over 4 or 5 of those runners that had taken me over on the run in.

Crept over 1:35 but that was ok, once the pain came after halfway I knew the time would be what it would be. A good marker for my Marathon and my other races this year and I will be attacking my PB at Southend and if not the Half Marathon in November.

Sore throat and runny nose didn't seem to affect me too much today. Am absolutely shattered now. Bath and some proper food will see me right.

Section splits
5km - 21:27
10km - 21:52 (+25)
15km - 22:59 (+7)
20km - 23:53 (+54)
21.1km - 05:07

Heart Rate:
Endurance - 1%
Moderate - 2%
Tempo - 15%
Threshold - 60%
Anaerobic - 22%

Split Summary
1) 0.62m - 4:10(6:43/m) 145/170bpm 17cal
2) 0.62m - 4:13(6:47/m) 175/179bpm 23cal
3) 0.62m - 4:15(6:50/m) 183/188bpm 76cal
4) 0.62m - 4:22(7:02/m) 180/185bpm 65cal
5) 0.62m - 4:27(7:09/m) 169/176bpm 46cal

6) 0.62m - 4:16(6:52/m) 164/172bpm 14cal
7) 0.62m - 4:23(7:03/m) 173/177bpm 58cal
8) 0.62m - 4:26(7:08/m) 172/176bpm 61cal
9) 0.62m - 4:28(7:12/m) 173/177bpm 74cal
10) 0.62m - 4:19(6:57/m) 185/191bpm 77cal

11) 0.62m - 4:20(6:59/m) 181/187bpm 76cal
12) 0.62m - 4:34(7:22/m) 180/189bpm 64cal
13) 0.62m - 4:38(7:27/m) 170/175bpm 81cal
14) 0.62m - 4:46(7:40/m) 167/173bpm 83cal
15) 0.62m - 4:41(7:31/m) 174/181bpm 81cal

16) 0.62m - 4:43(7:36/m) 179/183bpm 83cal
17) 0.62m - 4:40(7:30/m) 180/188bpm 81cal
18) 0.62m - 4:49(7:45/m) 183/186bpm 84cal
19) 0.62m - 4:47(7:42/m) 191/195bpm 83cal
20) 0.62m - 4:54(7:54/m) 194/202bpm 85cal

21) 0.62m - 4:43(7:36/m) 195/200bpm 82cal
22) 0.07m - 24(5:27/m) 191/191bpm 6cal