Sunday, 10 August 2014

Countdown to Chelmsford Marathon 2014 - Week 10 of 20 - Definitely Injured and isn't cycling great!

So half way through my 20 week plan and my Marathon prep just keeps getting worse. My injury isn't magically going away, I have just returned from a run of less than a mile, shin and ankle pain and running with a limp throughout meant I returned home with my tail between my legs. I had enjoyed a 5 mile run on Thursday with each km faster than 5min km's but that was all on the running front.

Got out on the bike again and managed 25 miles at better than 15mph which as it was only the 2nd ride I have done in the last 2 years I was pretty pleased. Out to Wallasea Island on flat roads and with the wind on my back I felt like a champ going out at 17.5mph before turning tail and managing 13.5mph or so on the return with the wind against me. Really pleasant cycling conditions and not much traffic, I even managed to navigate my way out there by myself. Have definitely got a taste for cycling again and with the injury seeming to only flare up running it's even more reason for me to get out on two wheels.

If Lauren and I can sort out the timings I may even go for a swim this week. Anything to keep myself active, I hate injuries!

Friday, 8 August 2014

Countdown to Chelmsford Marathon 2014 - Week 9 of 20 - Bikings back, and injuries

Just a quick catch up on last weeks training. 3 x 5 mile runs all very steady. 1 x 12 mile cycle.

I watched my friend Chris at the London Triathlon on Sunday and so was inspired to get in the garage and sort out my bike. After 2 years off the bike, it was covered in dust and with 2 flat tyres. After an hour of blood, sweat and pretty close to tears I successfully changed both inner tubes.

I then spent 45 minutes going on a local hilly loop I like and back home. It was such hard work, but I was really pleased to get it done. It's now a case of sorting out all the dull stuff like finding lights, charging them up, find keys for locks so that I can begin commuting into the office once again. It makes a nice change from running and hopefully the extra cardio should see my feeble running efforts improve again.

The running was less this week after a midweek trip to my physio. I have a tibalisis anterior strain/tightness which is causing me to limp around the office. It seems to behave itself when I run though. The advice has been stretch, half your mileage and come and see me again soon. Some of that advice I may take, other bits I might not.

So it's just a case of wait and see really, hope it won't put my marathon training back too much.