Friday, 8 August 2014

Countdown to Chelmsford Marathon 2014 - Week 9 of 20 - Bikings back, and injuries

Just a quick catch up on last weeks training. 3 x 5 mile runs all very steady. 1 x 12 mile cycle.

I watched my friend Chris at the London Triathlon on Sunday and so was inspired to get in the garage and sort out my bike. After 2 years off the bike, it was covered in dust and with 2 flat tyres. After an hour of blood, sweat and pretty close to tears I successfully changed both inner tubes.

I then spent 45 minutes going on a local hilly loop I like and back home. It was such hard work, but I was really pleased to get it done. It's now a case of sorting out all the dull stuff like finding lights, charging them up, find keys for locks so that I can begin commuting into the office once again. It makes a nice change from running and hopefully the extra cardio should see my feeble running efforts improve again.

The running was less this week after a midweek trip to my physio. I have a tibalisis anterior strain/tightness which is causing me to limp around the office. It seems to behave itself when I run though. The advice has been stretch, half your mileage and come and see me again soon. Some of that advice I may take, other bits I might not.

So it's just a case of wait and see really, hope it won't put my marathon training back too much.

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