Monday, 25 June 2012

Week 17 of 18 - Nearly There!

Sorry readers, I almost forgot my blog for this week. It isn't full of training but I suppose that has been the trend of these blogs. Lauren and I moved into our new house this weekend with big help from my parents and Lauren's Mum and Brother and so training time was limited to nothing.

There was no bike commute this week, my not so trusty steed was in the bike shop for repair but is now back with new brake pads, chain and back ring. I am going to collect it from my parents tonight and will test it out on the way home.

I also did not do the open water swim as intended and so in true late,late style I have entered a 1500m Big Speedo Swim race/event this Saturday the day before the Outlaw. This is at the same lake where a day later I hope to do a 2.4 mile swim. So it should be ideal prep, I will try to take it easy so I'm not exhausted for the Outlaw the next day. I hope to do it in around 40minutes.

The only training I did this week was two runs one 5 miler and one 3 miler. Both showed me what poor running shape I am in at the minute. Pete pointed out the monotony of my running routes and that is something I should probably look into. Particuarly now I have moved and so there are some new routes to do. So there you have it the sum total of this weeks training 8 miles ran in a little over an hour.

This weeks training plan is as follows:

Monday - Cycle 3 miles
Tuesday - Run 4 Miles & Cycle 15 Miles
Wednesday - Run 3 Miles
Thursday - Run 5 Miles
Friday - Driving Lesson
Saturday - Swim 1500m
Sunday - Swim 2.4 Miles, Cycle 112 Miles, Run 26.2 Miles

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Week 15 and 16 of 18 - Things Can Only Get Better?

Sorry for the delayed blog, and for your patience you receive a double blog. Last week was made up of one cycle of 56 miles which is half the Ironman cycle distance and I succeeded in completing it in 3:43:32 at an average speed of just over 15mph. This wasn't as long as I'd hoped to ride but the pace was good and I felt strong at the end of the cycle. The conditions were pretty perfect with a good temperature and not much wind. It left me feeling much more confident over the cycle leg of the Ironman and meeting the cut-off which will mean I need to average something like 14mph for the 112 miles I ride.

In terms of running last week was a 10K run on Monday and a short run on Wednesday before the Southend Half Marathon on Sunday. I had set myself what would prove to be a crazy goal of 1 Hour 38 Minutes which is 7:30 min/mile pace. Only two weeks post Edinburgh where I had run the first half in 1Hr 53 minutes and had needed to walk parts of it from 11 miles onwards.

Luke and I set off at the target pace and made it through the first 2 miles on target, but I was working much harder than I could sustain and so eased back, with my pace hovering around 8min/miles for the next 2 miles. This to proved too fast and the pace was eased back to mid 8 minute miles for the next 3 miles. To get me through 7 miles in a little over 57 minutes. It was here that the wheels really came off and Luke and I just tried to hold it together and the pace hovered around the 10 minute mile mark as we got ourselves home as best we could. Finishing in just over 1 hour 58 minutes.

This was my 14th Half Marathon and I had only run slower in my first two halves that of Southend in 2hrs 17 and Bristol in 2hrs 8. It was a disappointing day but it was a reflection of the running shape I am in at the moment. Once the Outlaw is done at the start of July I will really knuckle down and follow a regimented plan for the Berlin Marathon at the end of September in the hopes of running a PB there.

Thanks to all my Family and Work Colleagues who came to support at Southend. It really helped to have someone cheering me every couple of miles along the route and kept me going when things weren't going right. Also well done to Giuseppe who ran his first Half Marathon at Southend.

This week post Southend had been fairly quiet 4 commutes in on the bike, a couple of short runs and hoping to do another 6 miles this evening. Luke and I also went for a swim Thursday night and I succeeded in doing 82 lengths (just over 2Km) in a little under an hour. I think my swim at the Outlaw should be somewhere in the 1:45-2:00 mark but as long as I make the cut off I'll be happy.

I wasn't able to do an open water swim today, but next Sunday I will get the wetsuit on and have a dip in the sea. Other targets for next weeks training are to run 5 times totalling around 30 miles and maybe swim in the pool again, but I have a very busy week ahead and I'm not sure how feasible that is. So there you have it, my blog for the fortnight, sorry no indepth analysis of my downturn in performance. I have some ideas running round in my head, but I have neither the time nor the energy to go into it now. I will blog on it soon I'm sure.Until next time,train hard.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Week 14 of 18 - Recovery and plans

So after the disappointment of Edinburgh this week has been a case of recovering physically from the Marathon which took at least 3 or 4 days and starting to get over it mentally. That has involved me booking at least another 3 races for the tail end of this year and the start of 2013. My race calendar looks like this at present:

June 2012 - Southend HM - Not expecting to beat course record of 1hr 32 mins or PB of 1hr 30. Would hope to go quicker than sub 1hr 40.

July 2012 - Outlaw Triathlon - Want to finish. No real time goals at present. Perhaps sub 15hour.

August 2012 - Canterbury HM - Want to be sharp again and will be looking to get close to my PB.

September 2012 - Berlin Mararthon. Have detailed out a training planning spanning 16 weeks. Probably will only be able to use 14 weeks of it with the Outlaw happening at the beginning. If I follow it well though I expect to comfortably beat 3hrs 30.

October 2012 - Great South Run. PB is 1hr 12 and is a little soft so expect to beat it. Perhaps running sub 1hr 10.

November 2012 - Billericaey 10K - Not booked yet. PB is good but if I have run well in the previous 3 races it could be in danger.

December 2012 - Albert Park Parkrun - Just a little something to round off 2012.

January 2013 - Folksworth 15. Not booked and haven't got it past the wife yet. My 15 mile PB is from the Benfleet 15 with lots of offroad and so will be smashed if I do this race.

February 2013 - Great Bentley HM - Not booked. A local race and one that I like alot. PB will be the target.

February 2013 - Bramley 20 - Not Booked. Prep for Brighton in April and my PB is again not that strong and so I would hope to beat it comfortably.

March 2013 - Silverstone HM - Close to Bramley so may just use as another prep run for Brighton.

April 2013 - Brighton Marathon - I expect this to be my last Marathon for some time and I would love to go fast.

So as you can see a packed schedule but one that I think has some good structure to it.

This weeks training consisted of one 2 mile recovery run on Thursday which went well and a couple of 28 mile cycles this weekend. Hope to follow these up with longer rides on Monday and Tuesday as well as a couple of runs before the Southend Half Marathon on Sunday.

Hoping to have good news to report back with next time. Until then loyal readers.