Thursday, 17 March 2011

Cooking with Gas!

Some of you may be questioning exactly why the link to my blog is simons lejog blog, seing as the vast majority of my posts relate to running and not to cycling. That would be a very valid question, and my cycling to date has been sporadic and in the main has been a 16 mile round trip to and from the office.

This pattern is not going to change before May, more specifically the 8th of May which is the Stratford Marathon. Once this is over, my focus will shift much more towards the bike and one or two long cycles at the weekend.

But my reason for blogging this morning is to tell you about my commute to work this morning. Rapid! My Garmin makes it 7.78 miles in 28:37 an average speed of 16.31 mph and a fastest mile of 2 mins 55 seconds that is in excess of 20.5mph, that was the mile near the steakhouse in Eastwood so plenty of downhill but still going some.

So there you have it two fully inflated tyres and I am cooking with gas, I had the pedal to the metal, I put my jets on, I flicked my invisible juice, I unleashed the furry. What ever your choice of phrase I was speedy. Well I say speedy, it wasn't record breaking, and to many club cyclists 16.31mph is pretty sedate, but for me that was my first sub 30min commute and I'm chuffed.

But how does this relate to LEJOG I hear you ask? LEJOG is 80miles x 13 not an 8 mile time trial. Too true, but in cycling as with running when I run a 5K strong I know that means I am in good shape to run a Half Marathon, so I'm hoping a good 8miler will translate into a good 80miler come LEJOG.

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