Friday, 1 April 2011

Mixed March

March started off so well with the Half Marathon PB at Norwich and then the 5K PB in Middlesbrough. But the training went downhill from there, particuarly the running. I have found after my last 2 5K Parkruns that my calf is tight afterwards and that leads to my achilles hurting a little so I took it easy for a couple of runs after that. Unfortunately the last of those short recovery runs was the 23rd March and I haven't run since!

The reasons for my 8 day lay off are many and varied, but none of them is very good. I had a stag weekend which took out 3 days and late nights at work that took out another 2 days, and 1 evening spent celebrating Lauren being an Outstanding teacher (x2!). All of the hurdles apart from perhaps one day of the stag could have been worked around, and so the real reason for March ending on 80 miles running was me being a lazy git for a week.

I am really disappointed, missing out on my target of at least 100miles a month every month of 2011. It also leaves me 80 or so miles behind the annual target, and 36 miles short of last Marchs running mileage. Added to all of that, and in the long run most important, is how it will affect my Stratford Marathon performance, in about a months time! Two weeks of which will be spent enjoying some sun in South Africa for a friends wedding. This weekend has now become cruical so I will withhold predictions until after my planned long run, which should let me know how bad the damage to my fitness is.

On the plus side I did add 2 more PB's to my 2011 stash which is now 5 from 5 this year. The bike mileage of 170 was the best since November last year, but was just made up of commuting to and from the office. The puncture saga appears to have come to an end and the days are getting lighter and longer so the ride is faster and much more pleasant. So as the title suggests a Mixed March for me. No races planned for April, and it's going to stay that way. A couple of long rides and runs are planned though, and hopefully no repeat of March's lazy week.

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