Tuesday, 31 May 2011

May, Marathons, Mileage and Mishaps

The month started with a cycle of 50 miles and I managed to follow that up with a cycle of 35 miles on the Bank Holiday Monday. There was also one 30 mile cycle with Dad out to Paglesham, but the rest of my Cycling in May was made up of regular commuting to and from the office which I managed to do 15 times. This consistency meant that I managed a total of 345 miles for the month of May, considerably more than my previous mileage high of 210 miles which I achieved in April last year.

May was also the month of the Stratford Marathon where I managed to achieve a 13 minute PB off less than ideal training mileage and with a complete lack of long runs. Since Stratford I have managed a number of short, maintenace type runs just to keep my fitness, in the hope of building on it for the Southend Half Marathon in June and the British 10K in July.

But in the build up to yesterdays BUPA 10K in London which I ran with Amy I had been experiencing some discomfort in my left knee, particuarly after the 10K I ran on Sunday. Following this up with the 10K on Monday, has meant my left knee has a dull ache, and this then becomes quite uncomfortable after sitting down at a desk for a period and then trying to get moving. I commuted in on the bike today and will continue to do so, but my running will be shelved until the knee feels better. It's frustrating, and I have mileage targets I'd like to achieve. But at the end of the year it will be my PB's and races that will be of much more interest to me than some arbitrary mileage targets, so at the moment rest is top priority.

Having said all that my mileage for May was 89miles and that now takes me to just over 450 miles for the year. A good milestone reached in May was the time I spent exercising which was over 34 hours so more than an hour a day and this was another record high for me. Looking towards June, knee permitting I want to run Southend hard looking for sub 1 hour 40mins, cycle maybe 450 miles and just keep myself fresh for my 10K PB attempt and LEJOG in July.

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