Thursday, 30 June 2011

June Training & LEJOG Final Prep

June was a strange fitness month for me, it included one big and very unexpected PB at the Southend Half Marathon, my first proper injury and a record breaking cycling mileage month.

I managed a paultry 28 miles running over the course of 6 runs, 13.1 of which were in the Half Marathon. I thought I had ITBS and two trips to the physio and 60quid have confirmed that. With LEJOG my main focus the near record running low mileage hasn't been as frustrating as it otherwise would have been. But with a 10K in london on the 10th July I intend to get running properly starting tommorrow! Brian working on my IT band, tight hamstring and calf should hopefully have settled my knee down and allow me to train fairly unimpeded prior to the 10K.

Cycling wise I have done 465 miles this month. In excess of 100 miles more than my previous best, set last month. This included 22 out of 22 days commuting to and from the office, plus 3 decent Saturday rides of 30, 45 and 45 miles. The knee injury hampering my running has had no effect on my cycling, and I am feeling strong and desperate to get cracking with LEJOG in just over two weeks time. I will commute next week and may get in one more ride of 25-40 miles but that will be it before the off. I want to be fresh for the ride, and will get my bike in for a last once over service as well as getting the kit washed, packed and ready for the grand departe.

There is much more than just training for LEJOG to do and we have been making good progress on all the other elements that make the two weeks run smoothly. The Garmin Edge 800 that John has lent us has been successfully test run on a trip to Wallasea Island. The route is 95% of the way there. I have compiled a kit list which after some advice now contains some cycle jerseys to maintain our modesty. All that is left to do is learn how to use the bike racks, finalise the route, buy food and drink supplies and get packing. I am keen to start the thing tommorrow, and I think the girls are quite keen for us to get cracking, I believe the talking about cycling limit is close to being breached.

I'll blog after my 10K race to let you know how I got on, then the next time you will hear from me is after our 13 mile warm up before LEJOG really starts on the 17th July.

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