Sunday, 13 May 2012

Week 11 of 18 - The Streak Ended

Well what an end to the week that was, title taken from us at the very last. Unbelievable! That's all I can say on the matter at the moment, I'm sure me and Luke will dissect it in minute detail when the pain is a little less raw. But now for the purpose of my blog, some training. My running streak of running every day in May ended on Friday, I missed the early morning slot and with a meal out and the cinema there was no way I was going to run on my return at 23:45 and so the streak ended after 10 successful days. It wasn't a disaster and I suspected I wouldn't make the 31 straight days, but it did serve it's intended purpose of getting me running consistently again. The result has been a noticeable increase in my pace and sharpness over the short distances I have been running, on the downside I have been tight and aching with various niggles threatening to turn into injuries. The pace is encouraging, and the tight calves, IT Band and knee discomfort will all be put in Brian's capable hands on Tuesday in the hopes of getting me loose and ready to tackle 26.2 miles at Edinburgh in a fortnight. On the basis Brian sorts out my injury fears and gets me running more freely then I will do a 10 mile target race pace run next weekend and then when I blog next will be able to give you a decent estimate of my expected Edinburgh finish time or whether I think I won't make it to the finish line. So other than my DNS run on Friday I managed to run 6 times this week for a total of 21 miles. 3 x 3mile runs, 3 x 4 mile runs. As well as 3 commutes to and from the office for a total bike mileage of 36 miles. No swimming again! I need to swim next week, if for no other reason than to cancel my expensive and severely underutilised gym membership. So there you have it another week of some training, better than sitting on your butt training, but nowhere near the required level to do an Ironman in 7 weeks. But at present that is still my goal. Scary! Swim - Zero Bike - 6 Times (33 miles) Run - 6 Times (21 Miles)

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