Monday, 17 September 2012

Targets for Berlin and 6 in 6

So the time for talk is nearly over with Berlin now less than two weeks away. My prep over the last 10 weeks has been varied.

0 Miles - 2 Weeks
10 Miles or Less - 1 Week
10 - 20 Miles - 4 Weeks
20 - 30 Miles - 2 Weeks
30 Miles + - 1 Week

Longest 5 Runs

- 11.69 Miles
- 8.08 Miles
- 7.12 Miles
- 6.22 Miles
- 6.22 Miles

So as you can see not many long runs and I am yet to complete half distance. In terms of weekly mileage they aren't great but there is something to work with. Particuarly as my non running weeks were all in a block about 5 weeks ago. When I ran my PB at Chester last year the furtherest I had run was a Half Marathon so it's not impossible I could run well at Berlin, but I think the likihood is I won't do fantastically.

At the minute my C target my absoulte minimum is to beat the shambles that was Edniburgh (4hrs 40mins), my B target is 4hrs 20mins and if I'm doing really well my A target at the minute is sub 4hours. The trouble is I think I will set off at around 8:30 mile pace which is 3hours 45 min pace so may blow up in spectacular fashion, as is my way.

On the basis that Berlin doesn't break me to pieces I have another 5 races planned for the 5 weeks post Berlin as follows:

6/10/12 - Albert Park parkrun (5Km)
13/10/12 - Southend parkrun (5Km)
21/10/12 - Leigh-on-Sea (10Km)
28/10/12 - BUPA Great South Run (10Mile)
04/11/12 - Billericay (10Km)

It looks like a crazy schedule and it probably is, but they are pretty short and sharp and I won't do a whole lot of training in between. I think I will race myself fit and so I hope to PB at the Great South Run with my PB being a little on the soft side and to do well in the other races. If I perform well in this little series then I think it will set me up well for all that 2013 has to offer. So there we are, two weeks out and undercooked for Berlin but with plenty of races to help me get over it if I underperform.

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