Sunday, 13 July 2014

Countdown to Chelmsford Marathon 2014 - Week 6 of 20 - Not Fast 10k In More Ways Than One - Kick up the Butt!

Disappointing race today at the notfast 10k. Managed to walk for 30 seconds or so which is never encouraging in a 10k race.

The course was good and the event well run. Made it down nice and early so could get our number and settle in before the off.

The race wasn't chip timed and so the official time was going to be the gun and if I was to stand any chance of chasing down Joe's 43:40 I was going to need every second and so plonked myself in row 2 at the front of the race.

I went out fast as is my norm, the course also meant I wanted to be near the front as I feared the path would be narrow and so make overtaking difficult. In the event the path was wide enough to easily run two abreast and so there was a steady flow of runners easing past me as I tried to slow myself down from the initial 3:45km to finally end the first km in 4:04.

I was looking at 4:20's to run it in 43:20 or so and I settled myself down and managed to run at that pace for the next 3 km. I was working too hard though and the route was gently downhill and I think probably wind with for that period.

The effort stayed high in the 5th km and the pace dropped significantly, the wind now in my face as we ran on the busy main road. Up the one big hill on the course to top out at 6km and thus another slow km.

I was fried now, my ambitious target pace and early efforts left me shattered at the top. I gave in and walked for 30 seconds or so to get my heart rate down and to give my heavy legs some time to recover.

We then turned left and thankfully there was a good downhill to get me running again. The running managed to bring the pace down to just over 5min km and it was then just a case of hanging in there for the return to the rugby club for the final 3km.

All thoughts of time were well out the window and it was just about getting myself to the line in one piece and I did manage a sprint of sorts for our travelling supporters.

Picked up my bandana/buff and a cup of squash and waited for Dad to bring it home. Was really pleased that he got himself a surprise PB and he can now tell anyone that will listen that he is a grizzly bear :-)

A disappointing day for me personally, but 45mins on an undulating course is probably about right at the minute.

The event was great and the course did feel net downhill for most of it (starts and finishes at the same place so obviously its net flat), but with the wind, the one significant hill and some other undulations it broke me.

Hope this race is the kick up the butt I need to get me out the door 5/6 times a week and to hit 40+ miles regularly. 14 weeks till the marathon :-s

Km Splits:
1) 4:04
2) 4:21
3) 4:17
4) 4:20
5) 4:34
6) 4:52
7) 5:02
8) 4:40
9) 4:38
10) 4:23

Aside from today's race I managed 3 other runs and a total mileage for the week of 21 miles.

The other 3 runs I did were as follows:

1 x Steady 5 Miler
1 x Steady 10k
1 x Rubbish 4 miler day before the race.

So a disappointing week in my Marathon prep, but hopefully the low point before a steep positive climb all the way to the big one at Chelmsford in October.

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