Sunday, 1 March 2015

February Month 4 - Motivation Waning

Something was missing in February, just couldn't get myself up for some runs, particularly anything over 10 miles. There is some lingering illness in the background which might it explain it, but I'm not totally convinced. Had a really good start to the month with a 1:35 at Great Bentley Half Marathon but didn't really kick on after that. I did manage to run on 16 of the 28 days so meeting my 4 a week minimum run target.

Managed to achieve:
1 x Hill Session
2 x Intervals both 10 x 400m
1 x 5K parkrun
1 x Half Marathon
4 x Commutes home at 7.5 miles a time
5 x General / Steady/ Easy runs (5-9 miles)
1 x 10 Mile
1 x Half Marathon distance training run

Total of 118 miles so my highest mileage for the month of February ever, and my 5th highest mileage month in the 70 I've been doing this game. So not all bad. I now have 8 weeks until Stratford Marathon and when my racing really starts to ramp up. Hoping the mojo is returned to full force in March putting me in good shape to crush my existing PB's into the ground.

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