Thursday, 21 May 2015

My 100 Races - Blog 2 of 5 - The 10k's

So following on from yesterday's blog, here are the 10k's I have run as part of my 100 races. The 10k is a fun distance, you can really hurt yourself but still need to keep yourself going for 45 minutes or so. They are a little short, so I haven't often travelled very far for these races. My 15 10k's are made up as follows:

Southend 10k - 1 Run
My first 10k. A nice flat seafront course. Think the course has changed since I did this in 2009. A little too close to my wife's Birthday but a race I would definitely like to go back to.

After Adoption 10k - 1 Run
A well run charity race through Hyde Park. Got a PB at the time and Joe ran this with me.

Cancer Research 10k - 1 Run
Nice run with Amy. Helped her round to her sub 1 hour target.

Billericay 10k - 4 Running's
A tough local, hilly 10k. In November so have had some horrible weather. Love the flat, straight, finish. One of my favourite. Always run the last km well here. Was the site of my PB until very recently, set when I ran with Luke for 7km's before moving away late on. Have also run with my Dad when he PB'd.

British 10k - 1 Run
The poor man's BUPA 10k. Too crowded, long walk to the start, too expensive. Won't be returning to this one. Had a disappointing run on my one attempt.

Canterbury 10k - 1 Run
Nice flat course, some interesting wooden boards protecting the cattle grids. Wind against on the way out and then flew home wind assisted. Really good race where Luke was also in attendance.

Leigh 10k - 1 Run
Another tough, challenging local race. Very hilly early on, but then the second half is along the seafront. Ran very strong in the second half in a pleasing performance.

Notfast 10k - 1 Run
I lived up to the races name and was not fast! A disappointing personal performance, but fun to race with Luke and Dad.

BUPA 10k - 3 Runs
2 very pleasing runs round the capital by myself and a 3rd running round with Amy to a sub 1 hour 10k. Always enjoy my runs with Amy, shame she's half a world away now. I am running the BUPA this Monday, and it is definitely my favourite of the 10k races. Fast and great to see London, generally nice warm weather too.

Colchester 10k - 1 Run
My latest 10k and where I achieved my PB of 41:59. A good race, a little bit too much on pavements, but a great finish on the running track. Had an exciting finish and won a sprint + the PB made me a very happy runner.

So there you have my 15 10k's. Only a few stinkers of runs in there and a couple of classics. Tomorrow, the Half Marathons.

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