Monday, 19 July 2010

Brighton Weekender and a PB!

I have still been a little slack with the training. Managed five runs but the longest was just over five miles. I was in Brighton this weekend with friends and so always knew a long run was going to be a struggle. Had a fantastic time in Brighton, really great town and great company as always.

How times have changed since uni, instead of laying in till past midday we were up at half 7 for the 5K park run. All five of us managed to motivate ourselves to get out and do it and I had alot of fun. Finished 3rd out of the 5 of us and 21st out of the 223rd runners and PB'd with a time of 20:31. The course was also a lot hillier than my previous 5K races at Albert Park in Middlesbrough.

Aside from the run, we drank, ate Vietnamese Street Food, enjoyed the sun when it came out from behind the clouds and played some adventure golf. All in all a top weekend. I managed to get myself up at 8 Sunday morning to get the train back in time for one of my mum's legendary roasts and even had the energy for a 4 mile run in the evening.

Not sure my mileage is going to improve much in the short term, I have my honeymoon Saturday. But I am packing my runner trainers just in case :-)

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