Monday, 5 July 2010

Low training and new training partner

I haven't had a very good exercising fortnight and so don't have much to report. Not sure I'll keep up the weekly training updates, I think there is only so much training talk that 'normal' people can take :-)

The last fortnight has involved 9 runs totalling 31.5 Miles. All fairly short stuff. Hoping to get my mojo back this week. I did get introduced to a new running route and a new running partner. But both Amy and the new route are in Sandy an hour and a halfs drive away, so I don't think it will be an addition to my usual routine. It was a very pleasant run along quiet roads and through the forest. A nice start to the weekend before the serious drinking and partying started.

I have also been out on my bike for the first time since I broke my arm. I did a sponsored bike ride with Amy last week around some of London. Was quite crowded with lots of riders and cars, so progress was slow. But it was a very pleasant Sunday morning in the sun before the horror show of a football match in the afternoon. In total I cycled three times for a total of 24 miles, the longest being the 13 mile sponsored ride.

So there you have it a fortnights summary. I'm not sure when you'll hear from me again, but hopefully I will be able to tell you of a heavier training volume.

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