Sunday, 20 June 2010

Week 9 Training & Bristol Long Run 1/8

A pretty pleasing training week. Just running no cross training. I managed:

5 Runs - 26 Miles Total - 10.72 Mile Longest.

Due to the footy being on I missed a run or two early on in the week. But did two runs Saturday and so still managed a respectable 5 for the week. Not a huge mileage week but pretty solid.

I was very pleased with my first long run of the promised 8 before Bristol Half Marathon. Did 8 laps round the bridle track on Sunday morning and it went fairly well. Pace dropped a little after 5 laps but not drastically. Saw lots of early morning walkers and cyclists but thankfully no horses!

I have now run over 1000 miles since I started running in May 2009 and halfway through my long run on Sunday my 2010 mileage passed that of 2009. I am also well ahead of my target of 1000 miles in 2010. Let's just hope I stay injury free and pick up some more PB's in the second half of the year.

I would write about the World Cup and England's performances thus far, but the pain is just too fresh at the moment. Perhaps another day.

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