Sunday, 6 June 2010

Southend HM Game Plan & Week 7 Training

So after the excitement and happiness of my big 10k PB is the comedown, and I came down with an almighty bump this afternoon. Went out for a long run and made it to the meagre distance of 3 miles before I got a stitch and called it a day. Rather embarassing and frustrating!

All of this weeks runs have been hard work, maybe that 10k was more energy sapping than I had realised. I intend to have one more go at a long run tommorow morning and if that fails it will just be short runs before Sundays race.

Even with today's disappointment I still intend to attempt a PB at Southend. Plus points are the super flat course and the small field. The negatives are the potential for it to be roasting hot, the dull two lap course and the plaster cast on my arm that I didn't have for my HM PB at Great Bentley. The game plan is to go out at 7 mins 30 secs which would bring me home in 1 hr 38 mins 15 seconds and see if I can hold it to beat my PB of 1:39:32 I'd say chances are 50/50 for a PB but I won't die wondering.

So on to Week 6 Training:

Running - 24 Miles - 5 Runs - 6.25 Miles Longest Run
Includes 1 Race & 1 PB.

No other exercise. Just 9 days till cast is off and Bike, Swim, Weights will get underway and not a moment too soon!

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