Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Week 6 Training & May Summary

Week 6 Training looked like this:

Running - 5 Runs - 21 Miles - Longest Run 4.5 Miles
Bike, Swim & Weights - Nothing.

Was another below par training week. Did well to get out 5 days out of 7 but never for very long. I knew the 10K race was coming up on Monday so didn't want to push it, but still felt I should have done some longer stuff. With the cast still on running was the only exercise that I could do. It's starting to hum under the cast, but it's only two weeks till it comes off. Can't wait!

So to the month of May. It's a strange one, I have run 105 miles this month my 3rd best training volume month and run two PB's all this in the month after my first marathon. I should be ecstatic but I'm not. I'm very pleased with the two PB's but the training volume should have been so much more. In the month I did 24 runs and the run distances looked like this:

Less than 3 miles - 3 Runs
3 - 4 Miles - 4 Runs
4 -5 Miles - 11 Runs
5-6 Miles - 3 Runs
10 Miles - 1 Run
5Km Race - 1 Run
10Km Race - 1 Run

So as you can see all very short run focused with my one long run of 10 miles done on the 2nd May. The short runs have probably left me fresh for my 2 PB's and there were a couple of good tempo runs in there. But I do have the Southend Half Marathon in under two weeks and I would love a PB there. I now have only one weekend to do something long to see where I am at and so have a 10 mile run planned for this weekend. After the Southend Half Marathon I am going to up the longer stuff with my next running race being Bristol at the start of September, giving me plenty of time to build up my endurance for my second go at the Marathon.

But in conclusion May was great, one solid new 5K PB and a massive new 10K so stop whining Simon!

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