Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I can't be trusted with an upbeat playlist!

I have the Benfleet 15 this Sunday, it's a local 15 mile cross country race and I did it last year. The course is notorious for it's mud and I did it in a very pedestrian 2:18:55 last year, I am hoping for sub 2:10 this year.

So this week I have four - 4 Mile easy runs planned. Just keep everything ticking over and getting me to the start line sharp, ready for a big PB.

I went for my first of these runs this evening, armed with my I-Pod and my newly installed running playlist. Lots of hard, pumping music, that gets me in the mood for running. Unfortunately it got me hyped up and I went off like a train, I didn't fight it though and ran my intended four miles hard and finished in 28:57 much faster than the 32 or so mins I had envisaged. I don't think I'll pay for it on race day, but tommorows run must be slower! Wish me luck for Sunday. Will report back then.

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  1. Good luck for Sunday Si, sounds like a challenging event...as for your quicker than expected run...GOOD WORK a 4 mile tempo run will do you the world of good in the build up to Sunday!