Monday, 31 January 2011

January 2011 - Training

So one month of 2011 gone, and my how it's flown. Works been busy and I have had plenty else going on to keep me occupied.

To get my targets for the year of 1500 miles running and 3000 miles cycling I needed 125 miles of running and 250 miles of cycling a month. I fell well short of both managing to get 102 miles of running and 119 miles of cycling.

I had also set myself a minimum running mileage of 100 miles every month and so did manage to achieve that. I'm still pleased with my January running efforts I did 2 training runs of just over 10 miles each as well as the Benfleet 15 mile XC race where I set a 12minute PB. I also ran 27 miles more than January 2010.The running breakdown looked like this:

Runs less than 5 miles - 6

Runs 5 - 10 miles - 8

Runs greater than 10 miles - 3

I couldn't motivate myself for the commute in on the bike very often and wanted to take the week off prior to the Benfleet 15 and so my bike mileage was low. The 3000 mile target won't be spread evenly over the year, with the bulk of it happening when we undertake LEJOG in July and so I am not too concerned by being so far behind so early. I was pleased to get out for my longest ride on the bike on Sunday though managing nearly 32 miles, 10 of those were with Dad, the LEJOG team are starting to get the fitness wheels in motion. The months cycling looked like this:

Commutes - 5.5

Rides of 25-50 miles - 1

So all in all a solid month of training if not spectacular. 5/10.

Looking forward to February I am hoping to do around 115 miles running and something like 250 miles on the bike. With a big bike test in the last weekend of Feb. I also have a Half Marathon and a 5K race planned so hoping to have PB's to tell you of through the month. Look out next Monday for my Great Bentley race report.

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