Saturday, 12 February 2011

Albert Park Race Report - 12/02/11

Had a fantastic race this morning at the Albert Parkrun in Middlesbrough. I set my 5K PB at Brighton Parkrun in July with a time of 20:31, the last time I had run at Albert Park was in May and I had run 21:11. I was feeling good and really wanted sub 20mins but felt 20:15 was the more realistic target.

I headed to the park with Lauren and Jan for the 9 O'clock start and it was wet and miserable. Not the most inspiring of conditions. But by the time we arrived at the park, the rain had slowed and when the gun went at 5 past 9 the rain had thankfully gone. I positioned myself right at the front of the 200 plus runners that had assembled for their 5K time trial, I felt if I ran around 20 mins I should be in the top 25 or so and thus merited a decent start position. I went off fast, and got away from the masses and was in about 10th place, after 400m or so people started to come past me but I wasn't too concerned. I was working hard, and happy with my pace so just settled into my rhythm.

I missed the first Km marker but I think I went through in 4mins, so on target, you then head up the only slight incline on the course and I was breathing heavy, 5K full pelt is tough! I was in a settled position now, the leaders were well out of sight and I was working off a pack of 3 guys ahead of me hoping to reel them in slowly. I went through 2K now 10 seconds ahead of schedule and I felt strong. Heading down the side of the park then turning past the lake I saw Lauren and Jan as I went through 3K 8 seconds up on target and kicked on for the final loop of the park. Up the slope again and I had now caught the group ahead of me, and we were starting to lap the slower runners. They didn't hold us up at all, and catching the next one kept me focused. Went through 4K 5 seconds up on sub 20 and kicked it up a gear. Down the side of the park, before the real sprint for the finish as you turn at the lake. I caught one or two on the way in, and nicked 19th place on the line, I'm not sure that's parkrun etiquette but I didn't mind.

Final time of 19:42 a 49 second PB and a 1 min 29 second Course Record. 19th out of 242. Ecstatic! Still buzzing from it now. Really felt good, and a big improvement, need to bring my other PB's up to scratch. My 5K WAVA of 65.48% now stands out from the rest. I'm off to have one of the beers Jan bought me. Touch!

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