Saturday, 26 February 2011

Wheelie Good News!

After 75 long minutes, with the help of youtube, bike maintenance books, no shortage of effort, and a good helping of luck Luke and I changed our first tyre! Unbridled joy!

I was convinced when Luke picked my up, that we would have a good stab at it, half an hour of fiddling to no avail and then give up. I'd jump on one of the spare bikes for our long ride together tommorrow and Dad would change my tyre on his return. So when it all came together I was well chuffed.

Luke and I have been blessed with many gifts, practical skills however are in very short supply. It was only the other day, that I successfully changed my first light bulb after 27 years on this planet. But that achievement paled into insignificance compared to changing my first bike tyre. It was slow, it was tedious, but we did it. I hope very much that I never get another puncture in my life, but if I do, I now feel much better able to tackle it. Next time I hope to change it in under 30 minutes.

So with bike maintenance achieved, a ride tommorrow, and Joe and I discussing the pressing need to nail down a route and get booking accomodation, the LEJOG adventure is now starting to feel very real. Come back Monday night for my Feb Training update.

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