Sunday, 11 March 2012

Week 2 of 18 - Promises broken and Recovery

After the big effort at the Essex 20, this week was always going to be a struggle.But I hadn't realised just how much of a struggle it would prove to be, with the race remaining in my legs pretty much all week.

I must confess that in just my second week of training and blogging I have failed in one of my promises, succeeding in running just twice in the week and for a pitful combined distance of just 6 miles even in kilometres of just under 10 it doesn't sound much better. My week panned out as follows:

Monday - Viewed house
Tuesday - Put offer on above house which was accepted, saw IFA in the evening.
Wednesday - Swim session
Thursday - Watched shambolic United performance at friends
Friday - Travelled northwards to Mother in Law's
Saturday - Ran 5K Parkrun in 20:47 and watched my Brother in Law in a musical.
Sunday - Travelled home and ran 3 miles in 23:30

O and worked 40 hours at the office.

So as you can see there are some fairly solid reasons for missing my very reachable target of 3 runs per week. But my low run frequency and mileage is a pattern that has occurred frequently in 2012. An answer must be found or I am going to be moody and miss my targets and that's not good for anyone!

The answer is simple and it is the requirement to move my body clock away from midnight to 7am sleeps and over to 10pm to 5am sleeps to allow for some early morning training. Again this is something that I have been attempting for ages without success,but it has to change! So starting next week it will :-)

Aside from the poor running I swam once and managed to do my 76 lengths a minute quicker than last week, as well as managing four commutes into the office, after allowing myself Monday off post 20 miler. The cycles were tough and as I said previously my legs were heavy pretty much all week, first the post race fatigure and then the swim piled on top. Hopefully they will be somewhat fresher for tomorrow's commute in and run.

So there you have it a poor training week, but ended with United back on top of the league and with Lauren and I close to landing a lovely new home.

My training for the week was as follows:

Run - 2 Times - 6.11 miles
Swim - 1 Time - 1.18 miles
Bike - 8 Times - 49.46 miles

Total exercise time - 5hrs 0 mins

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