Sunday, 25 March 2012

Week 4 of 18 - Less is More

Had a shocker this week, was away with work and so missed three of my cycle commutes, and only managed the solitary run of a 5K Parkrun at Albert Park. O and missed my weekly swim. So all in all not a very good training week. But the 5K run was much more positive than my recent runs as I managed to dip under 20minutes 19:59. I had started to think it might never come back.

But with my more immediate aim being the completion of a 35 mile ultra, my return to some kind of form in the 5K is not overly significant. The 20 mile race I did three weeks ago, is all I have in the way of specific training, and with the race just two weeks away it will have to be enough :-)

One positive of the poor training week is a short blog. Below is my training summary for the week.

Run - Once - 3.11 Miles (19:59 5K Parkrun)
Bike - Four Times - 24.5 Miles
Swim - None

Total Exercise Time - 2 hours 1 Min. Ouch!

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