Saturday, 31 March 2012

Week 5 of 18 - Extreme Taper!

Well this will be another short blog people, because one I did close to no training, and two because I am leaving for a plane to South Africa in half an hour.

A manic week at work and pretty much nil motivation to run on my part meant no running at all this week, I worked this Saturday so I did 6 days of cycle commute and I sacked off the planned swim.

So there you have it a paultry training week by anyones standards, but particuarly someone three months from their first Ironman :-)

The coming week will have me running 34.8 miles at the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon, thus an enforced long run for me. I will also do an inverse taper and try to run 3 times before the big day to get used to the heat and get my body used to running again. No cycling as I'm on holiday and without my bike. and I doubt very much if I will swim, if I do it will be more of the dip in the Ocean variety and so not worth recording.

So a summary of this weeks training is :
Runs - Zero
Swim - Zero
Cycle - 12 Times (73.44 miles)

Training Time - Approx 5 hours

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