Monday, 23 April 2012

Week 8 of 18 - A little Training, A little Injury, A Little Physio Needed

This week began with the final day of the stag, a not so leisurely climb to the top of Pen Y fan 886m high! Not a bad effort by the boys. My right knee which had hurt after the Ultra started to ache at the top and on the difficult descent back down.

Managed to fit in 3 bike commutes out of my four days at work, the other day I had to use the train as I was going to a clients. No swim again, that promise has been soundly broken now! Whilst I ran just once, exactly two weeks after my last run the 56Km Ultra. Decided to go for a 14 mile run with Luke, definately too much too soon! Managed to make it to 10 miles in 85 minutes, but my knee had been hurting since the first of three hills we went through in Hockley. Luke was working hard too, but managed to complete the planned 14 miles, whilst I had to trudge home and managed to get caught in a shower.

So some training, but am no where near where I need to be for the Edinburgh Marathon or the Outlaw Triathlon. Must knuckle down, I just hope the knee injury proves to be nothing. Hoping to report back a week full of training for you loyal readers next week.

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