Sunday, 29 April 2012

Week 9 ofo 18 - Little or no progress

So here we are half way through the training for the Ironman (2.4m swim, 112m cycle and 26.2 run if you had forgotten) and I feel less ready than when I started. My next race is Edinburgh Marathon and I just haven't been running of late and so have no expectations of a PB, that will have to wait for Berlin in September. I have decided to ease off the booze though after South Africa and the stag, but that may have to be put on hold for the FA Cup final at the weekend. This weeks training consisted of four commutes to and from work, I had to miss Thursday as I had a driving lesson and was getting picked up from work. I also did 15 miles on the exercise bike at the gym whilst watching the first half of the Chelsea game. No swimming and just a solitary 5 mile run. On the injury front, there was no physio on the tight IT Band as Brian was away on holiday, and on the run I felt my right knee early on in the run and although it didn't hamper me it is definately a concern for Edinbrugh. Plans for this week are to run 4 times, commute to and from work every day and to swim once. If not the wife is threatening to pull the plug on Ironman if I am completely undertrained for it. This weeks training was: Swim - Zero Bike - 9 Rides (65 miles) Run - 1 Run (5 Miles)

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