Monday, 26 April 2010


I have recently come down with a severe case of exercise obsession. I am starting to enjoy my running particuarly those round the bridle track. The commute to work is a grind, but I have had some pleasant rides in the sun on quiet country lanes.

But the obsession is not merely the undertaking of the exercise. I am now buying books and gear at a rate of knots. With the Honeymoon on the horizon though I think that will soon stop. But I have found something that is free and is providing me with hours of enjoyment, namely the podcasts.

I discovered Marathon Talk about 6 weeks ago and am now up to date and have really enjoyed all 15 episodes in the lead up to my Marathon. They have replaced the music on my Ipod and have made my runs much more enjoyable. No Ipod on the Bike, I am far too dangerous already so no need to further increase the risk.

But listening to Marathon Talk they then recommended Ironman Talk, and with me hoping to complete an Ironman in the next 2 or 3 years I thought I would give it a listen. The thing is Ironman Talk has been going a little bit longer than Marathon Talk. It started in 2006! So I have over 200 episodes to listen to, and at around an hour an episode that is going to take some time!

Now 27 episodes into Ironman Talk I found some useful and not so useful information to aid us in our LEJOG quest. My favorite and by far the least useful was the 5 tips on how to go to the toilet whilst on the bike. I can't speak for the others but I really don't think we need those kind of time saving tips. I will be looking for loos but I will settle for some dense foliage but cocking my leg on the bike I won't do! But don't let that put you off Ironman Talk it's a great listen with Bevan and John the two Kiwi's or Marathon Talk with Tom and Martin the Brit's.


  1. All great reads Simon, you have already sold Marathon Talk to me, will have to take a listen....where will I be able to!? Glad you have fully recovered and your falling back in Love with hoping that in the next 2/3 days I will be able to run again....about time I put some miles in as well I think!

  2. Cheers Pete glad somebody is reading and enjoying the blog. Your blog and website are coming along nicely! Facebook group up and running as well.

    Marathon Talk is on Itunes it's a podcast. If you just go to the Itunes Store and type in Marathon you should be able to find it. Hope you enjoy it.

    Good luck with the running hope you enjoy an injury free period. You've earnt it!