Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Isn't' it funny how when you are in the best shape of your life and have just completed the biggest physical challenge you have yet to encounter that your body then decides to behave like that of a 90 year old man! I was almost bowled over by a fast moving 3 year old girl just after the race, I was weak and defenceless. I wasn't going to be chasing any would be mugger down on Sunday.

My physical shape has been gradually improving this week.I have been shuffling around the flat and office at snails pace, wincing with every step and using handrails where ever they have been available.

But now three days later I am moving much more freely and have just been for a nice gentle 2.5 Mile recovery run. Have been so restless the last three days and so was really pleased to get out. But I'm not all about the running, I intend to commute to the office on the bike tomorrow. It feels great to have my body back and I will be using it fully for the remainder of the week.

This Sunday however, after participating in 10 events in my first year as a runner I will be enjoying the London Marathon from the other side of the barrier and spectating at my first running race! A much more pleasant and painless experience I would imagine. I'll let you know.

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