Wednesday, 28 April 2010

It's The Future!

No not Garlic Bread you Peter Kay fan's the future is the Bicycle! It's such a brilliant and under used invention. If just 10% of journeys were done by Bike instead of by car we would see a dramatic reduction in traffic. The Global Warming gang would love the reduction in harmful emissions. With the soaring cost of Petrol and motoring in general there could be some serious pounds to be saved. Least we forget the obesity epidemic in our children and the inactivity of our adults, the Bike is great exercise and places much less stress on your body than running.

It is one of those solutions that can really snowball. As more take up the Bike and ditch the Car the roads are less congested, safer and more pleasant for the cyclist and so more take it up and those already Cycling do so more often.

But alas this vision for the future will fall on deaf ears or more accurately on blind eyes. We as a country have become so used to the convience of the car that no matter how high the price of petrol rises our appetite for the car doesn't diminish. But at least I tried and it made a pleasant change of scene for my blog. Will write again soon Car lovers.

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