Sunday, 8 June 2014

Countdown to Chelmsford Marathon 2014 Week 1 of 20 - Southend Half Marathon 2014 Report

So here we have the first of twenty blogs to document my journey on the way to Chelmsford Parks Marathon 2014.

My training this week consisted of:

4 runs
1 - 5 Mile steady (Nice run, listening to my new running playlist)
1 - 2 Mile WU, 2 Mile HM target pace, 1 Mile WD. (Had a play around with this session, the 7:30 mile pace felt really tough)
1 - 4 Mile General (Intended to be gentle run a couple of days before the HM, but was working far to hard and was just fried)
1 - Half Marathon race (A really disappointing race, the blow by blow details are below)

Shocker at the Southend HM. Really must rank right up there in term of race disappointments, with results compared to expectations.

Had done a 10k at the end of May and did 44:00, so should have been able to achieve 1:38 today, worst case 1:40. Went out aiming for 7:30 miles and was too fast early on, the cramped streets and no attempt to filter people based on estimated times mean lots of dodging needed.

Made it down to the seafront at 2 miles and was working hard, tried to settle down and find my own space and pace. Managed to rein it in and went through 4 miles slightly ahead of the 7:30 average but I was working far too hard for it. Was already thinking of ways to manage the blowup.

Did miles 5 and 6 in 8 minute miles and then mile 7 in just under 8:30. My first walk was just after 7.5 miles, was gutted. Hoped it was temporary and I could settle into 8 minute miles and come home in 1:45ish, but I was bushed and the walks were coming more often.

The Heart Rate for the first 8 miles of 175beats a minute as an average looks too high based on 190 Max HR that is 92%. Hopefully shows that it was physical as well as mental weakness.

The 2nd half of the race was just a grim battle with the heat and my body. Apart from mile 9 it looks like I found some kind of run/walk pattern to do 9:30 minute miles and had enough energy in the last 400m to put a good burst for home.

Really gutted by today's race, but it was my 6th Southend HM and I haven't missed one since my debut in 2009. I could so easily have sacked it in and walked off today, was just blown. So pleased to keep the run of races up though.

I won't dwell on it too long, I have done 2 10 milers since Manchester Marathon at around 9minute miles. My consistent 25 mile weeks of 4 or 5 runs of 5 miles or 10k are great and a building block but obviously lead to decent shorter distance results. The way I'm set up at the minute with no cycling to bale me out, I need to do the medium and long runs for decent Half Marathon and Marathon performance.

I'll be blogging each week to let you know of my training progress and have some fuller blogs when the week involves some racing. I might do a parkrun, but my next official race is a 10k in July and I hope to perform much better there than I did today in the heat of Southend.

Below are the eye wateringly bad splits, just noticed that my mile pace gets slower and slower without fail, miles 1 through 9. Ouch!

Split Summary
1) 1m - 7:11(7:11/m) 171/178bpm
2) 1m - 7:22(7:22/m) 176/181bpm
3) 1m - 7:32(7:32/m) 176/178bpm
4) 1m - 7:38(7:38/m) 175/178bpm
5) 1m - 7:59(7:59/m) 176/178bpm
6) 1m - 8:00(8:00/m) 175/178bpm
7) 1m - 8:25(8:25/m) 174/176bpm
8) 1m - 9:07(9:07/m) 171/176bpm
9) 1m - 10:30(10:30/m) 162/173bpm
10) 1m - 9:39(9:39/m) 135/154bpm
11) 1m - 9:35(9:35/m) 140/166bpm
12) 1m - 9:31(9:31/m) 166/173bpm
13) 1m - 9:23(9:23/m) 168/178bpm
14) 0.13m - 48(6:18/m) 178/179bpm

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