Monday, 16 June 2014

Countdown to Chelmsford Marathon 2014 - Week 2 of 20 - Bday, BBQ, Booze, Balotelli.

After the disappointment of Southend Half Marathon last week I was keen to have a big mileage week in week 2. These are the runs I managed to do:

5 - Recovery/Easy Runs 8:45-9:00 Mins/Mile

2 x 10km
1 x 5 Miler
2 x 7.5 Miles

Total Mileage 33 Miles.

There wasn't too much to report my body was tired from the Half Marathon and so I didn't want to push the pace. Just nice and steady in the hopes of something approaching 40 miles for the week. I over did the drinking on Saturday for a friend's Birthday BBQ and then into the England game, meant I was sick all Sunday morning. Had to cancel a planned cycle with my brother, but after a BBQ round my parent's for Fathers Day I did manage to summon the energy to go for a 7.5 miler before settling down for some World Cup action.

So a good mile accumulating week and my biggest mileage week since the Tenerife Training Camp. Will look for a similar week next week, with the addition of a 15 mile run in place of the 7.5 mile run this week. Depending on energy levels will also convert one of the easy 10km's into a tempo effort.

Starting to look at the other factors affecting my performance and so will be taking a closer look at what I eat, the alcohol I drink and the sleep I'm getting. No stone will be left unturned in my quest for a decent Marathon performance.

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