Sunday, 29 June 2014

Countdown to Chelmsford Marathon 2014 - Week 4 of 20 - Midweek Half Marathons and Weddings

This week got off to a slow start, with work being hectic I didn't manage to get out for the first 3 days.

Lauren was out supervising Prom on Thursday and so I took the opportunity to do a long run and managed to do a Half Marathon. I quickened the pace in the second half after a steady opening, I even managed to finish a minute quicker than I did at the Southend Half Marathon a couple of weeks ago.

Life then got in the way of running again, but I did manage to fit in a 5 mile run on Saturday at my parents caravan, before a very slow, very tired 5 miler on Sunday after my Cousins wedding.

Overall a very good life week, I think my efforts at work were appreciated, it was nice to spend an evening with Lauren at the Caravan, before a fantastic family wedding Saturday and a very lazy Sunday recovering.

The running part of the week left something to be desired. 3 runs 23 miles total, but more importantly a 13miler in the middle of the week saved it. If I can get out for a 5 or 6 miler tomorrow June will be my biggest mileage month ever, I have also ran 100+ miles for 4 months in a row something I had previously failed to do in my 5 years of running. The first 4 weeks of 20 have gone ok maybe 6/10 and with 16 weeks to go to Chelmsford I will be looking to take it up another gear or two.

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