Monday, 23 June 2014

Countdown to Chelmsford Marathon 2014 - Week 3 of 20 - Diet and Falling Short

So after the drinking excess of the England Vs Italy game I decided to track the food and drink I ate this week. It highlighted how much bad food I ate, but did have the positive effect of making me eat 3 square meals a day. I really struggle with Breakfast in the mornings but managed to get at least a bowl of cereal in me everyday.

The football went badly again this week with England being knocked out on Thursday. It has been frustrating to lose two tight games and on such small margins. Hope we get some goals and points on the board in the final match against Costa Rica tomorrow.

Finally to the main purpose of this blog the running, and that went ok this week. Just the four runs:
1 x 7.5 mile Commute home from the office - Steady
1 x 5 mile tempo. 7:15-7:20 mile pace. Fitted in between work and round a friends for the football.
1 x 5 mile steady
1 x 10 mile medium long run. 9 min miles.

I should have run 10km on Friday but had a dinner offer and couldn't refuse. Was pleased to fit in my tempo run on Thursday when I could easily have skipped it. The run on Saturday was tough and I had no energy for it. Recovered slightly on Sunday, but the 15 mile target was too ambitious and I worked hard to make the 10 mile minimum. 6/10 I'd say.

If I apply myself this week I should comfortably have the biggest mileage month of my life somewhere around 125 miles. So some encouraging early signs.

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