Sunday, 23 May 2010

Sunny Weekend & Week 5 Training

I have been up to lots this week. Not all of it good. From my last post you can see that I broke my arm which has proved more frustration than pain. I've had a pretty decent week in the office, Saturday in the Sun watching Seven's rugby with friends and a beer followed by Sunday's BBQ in the Sun with the family.

So aside from the broken arm nothing to complain about, right? Wrong! Had another very disappointing week of training. With a broken arm I legitimately avoided all cycling and swimming but the running was very minimal.

4 Runs - 15 Miles Total - 5 Miles Longest.
Zero - Swimming, Weights, Cycling.
1.5 Hours Skating - Not to be repeated!

But I shall put a positive spin on all this. Unless I really am a lazy git this week I am still on for a 100 mile month and if I can do the business at the BUPA 10K I should have 2 PB's for the month. So on reflection, if I could have that every month I most certainly would! Will report back on Bank Holiday monday. Enjoy the sun!

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