Sunday, 9 May 2010

Drunken Weekend and Week 3 Training

Am now at the end of a very heavy weekend. Have spent it in pretty Sandy drinking & relaxing with friends. Had a great time, am now exhausted after two big drinking sessions and two late nights. I did take my running trainers with me and have run twice this weekend so I did try and balance out some of the abuse I gave my body.

Aside from the drinking I enjoyed watching England beat the Boks in the cricket. Was a real surprise result and a very pleasing one. Shame that United then had to lose the title the next day. But as mentioned in my previous post I didn't expect Wigan to do the business, but 8-0 was not a score line I was expecting!

I live in hope that Fergie will rebuild the squad and realise that we are short of where we need to be, but with the extension of Giggs, Scholes and Neville's contracts in recent months I fear this won't happen. But United will have to be put on hold as we are now close to a month till the start of the World Cup. Can't wait!

In other news this week I decided to weigh myself for the first time in ages. Weighed in at 11Stone 11lbs which is a whole lot less than my pre running weight. Will look to weigh myself once a week, more for interests sake than anything else. Don't particular have any weight goals, just wanting to tone up and run faster.

But finally the news you have all been waiting for, the 3rd week training summary! Did 3 and a half commutes on the bike and 7 runs. With the party weekend was unable to run long as planned, but only had one wasted run of 1 mile when I bumped into a horse so turned around and ran home then tried again later. Also did a 5Km time trial which went really well. Will look to do that at least once a month to monitor my progress. So the training for the week was as follows:

Bike - 55 Miles Total (8 Miles Longest)
Run - 27 Miles Total (6.25 Miles Longest)
Swim - Zero ( Got so close to a triathlon day with a 6am run, commute to and from work but the swim got dropped when Lauren had to stay late at work. It's gotta happen soon!)
Strength Work - Zero (Got as far as planning out the kind of exercises I want to perform but didn't then perform)

So a 6/10 week. Not as planned but still a decent body of work. Have a 5K race planned for next Saturday so hope to bring you good news next week.

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